Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hazel Johnson: The Mother of the Environmental Justice Movement

I want to acknowledge the transition of Hazel Johnson (1935 – 2011), the founder of People for Community Recovery (PCR). Hazel’s work connected me for the first time to my concern for ecological and environmental matters to the activism that was happening globally relative to people of color and the environment. The Center for Urban Transformation because of her work and the work of countless others’ working to eliminate environmental injustices around the world for the most burdened people is founded and dedicated to integrating the principals of environmental justice into all of our work.

We had the opportunity to work closely with Hazel a few years ago and that opportunity has forever shaped our perceptions and is an ongoing influence on our life and work. Hazel will be deeply missed.

The Center for Urban Transformation extends our deepest condolences to Cheryl Johnson and the rest of the family.

Please consider a donation to PCR to continue their work and to assist in defraying the cost of Hazel’s funeral expenses. Donations may be made via PayPal at the PCR web site

Ashe, Hazel Johnson as she is now an ancestor.

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